Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

Engine directX – 9,10,11

DirectX engine for support version 9, 10, 11 libraries Microsoft SDK.
Features: camera view, lighting, load mesh, animation, skinning, hierarchy interface, animation controlller, mesh container, collision system.
You can view or download from here.
1.Geometrie basic
-COM and DirectX Graphics
-Fullscreen/Windowed Mode
-The Z-Buffer / W-Buffer
-Vertex Buffers
-Index Buffers
2.Camera System
-The View Matrix
-The View Frustum
3.Light System
-Lighting Models
-The Lighting Pipeline
-Light Types
-MIP Maps
-Sampler States
-Alpha Components
-Frame Buffer Alpha Blending
5.Mesh loading
-ID3DXMesh Interface
-Mesh Loading
-Mesh Cloning
-X File Templates
-ID3DXMeshContainer Interface
-Hierarchy Traversal and Rendering
6.Animation mesh
-Animation Blending
-The Animation Sequencer
-Bone Hierarchies/Skeletons

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